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Understand Formbricks Self Hosting

We explain how we internally built Formbricks self hosting architecture with Docker, Docker Compose, and Bash Script. It's easy and to-the-point!

Best Website Feedback Tools in 2024

The best website feedback tools play a crucial role in both enhancing the user experience and optimizing conversion rates. In this article, we cover 10 of the recommended ones.

Join the FormTribe 🔥

Here is everything you need to know about joining the Formbricks community

Formbricks v1 - How we got here 🤸

A lot has happened since Matti and I had a chat about open-source surveys in May last year. The release of Formbricks v1.0 is a perfect opportunity to look back on how it all started.

Our GitHub Accelerator Experience 👀

What we learned during the first GitHub Open-Source Accelerator Programm - our experience and if we would do it again.