What's new?

Weekly Summary - 3rd Feb 2023

We converted our first customer via the waitlist! Apart from that: Another Feedback Box in production, PMF self-serve in the making and more dogfood for us 🐶

Weekly Summary - 27th Jan 2023

Great landing page conversion, PMF survey in beta testing and encouraging insights from interviews 👇

Weekly Summary - 20th Jan 2023

We’ve been 🚢ing: Big landing page update, new survey engine, PMF prototype in the making. Let’s have a closer look at what we worked on this week.

Weekly Summary - 13th Jan 2023

The year kicked off and with it, we’re picking up momentum again. Our niche of B2B SaaS looks promising, we see first signs of validation. Let’s have a closer look 👇

Weekly Summary - 6th Jan 2023

Happy new year to all of you (and happy birthday to Johannes 🎂). The Feedback Box turned out to be more tricky to embed with a truly native look & feel. Let’s have a look in detail 👇

Weekly Summary - 30th Dec 2022

Holidays, illness and iterations: The Feedback Box is ready in plain JS and the MVP for the XM dashboard stands. Let’s have a look!

Weekly Summary - 16th Dec 2022

Happy Friday! Another week is over, another YC interview done 😄 We decided to niche down, found two design partners and with them secured the first MRR. What happened exactly?

Weekly Summary - 9th Dec 2022

We launched the Formbricks HQ - and with it our Cloud offering is back! Apart from that, we’re building use cases to get you the insights that you need.

Formbricks HQ launched! 🚀

we are thrilled to announce the launch of Formbricks HQ, the newest addition to our suite of open source survey tools!

Weekly Summary - 2nd Dec 2022

And it is December! This week was dominated by working on the Formbricks HQ, Formbricks Charts and the YC interview. Let’s look at it in detail.

Weekly Summary - 25th Nov 2022

Every week, we’ll share an update about all things Formbricks. This week we shipped, wrote docs, talked about a feedback app built on top of snoopForms and prepped for the YC interview! 👉

Weekly Summary - 18th Nov 2022

Every week, we’ll share an update about all things Formbricks. We’ll look at what we did on the product end as well as what’s new in the community 👋 Let’s get going!