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Self-Hosting Formbricks on AWS ECS: A Step-by-Step Guide

In an internal experiment, we at Formbricks have been exploring how to build a scalable and highly available cluster for our open source survey and experience management solution using AWS ECS.

Understand Formbricks Self Hosting

We explain how we internally built Formbricks self hosting architecture with Docker, Docker Compose, and Bash Script. It's easy and to-the-point!

Best Website Feedback Tools in 2024

The best website feedback tools play a crucial role in both enhancing the user experience and optimizing conversion rates. In this article, we cover 10 of the recommended ones.

Join the FormTribe 🔥

Here is everything you need to know about joining the Formbricks community

Formbricks v1 - How we got here 🤸

A lot has happened since Matti and I had a chat about open-source surveys in May last year. The release of Formbricks v1.0 is a perfect opportunity to look back on how it all started.

Our GitHub Accelerator Experience 👀

What we learned during the first GitHub Open-Source Accelerator Programm - our experience and if we would do it again.

Best Hotjar Alternatives 2024

Discover 2024's best Hotjar alternatives with advanced website surveys and user behavior tools. Elevate your website insights and user experience today!