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In-product user research with a native look and feel. Ask only the right cohort, ask gracefully.

We self-host Formbricks for our app with 100.000+ users. It's remarkable how the surveys feel like a native part of our own app. Great product, built for everyone who cares about UX!

Ram Pasala, CEO @ NeverInstall

Ram Pasala, CEO @ NeverInstall

As a product-led growth company, we run surveys at key moments in our user journey. We spent a lot of time crafting our UX and I love how seamless Formbricks fits in! Should be a no-brainer for every product team.

Bailey Pumfleet, Co-Founder @ co-founder Bailey Pumfleet speaks about how Formbricks in-app surveys feel like a native part of the UI of their product.

Native look and feel, powered by open source

Formbricks is fully open source. Integrate it natively and keep engineers, designers and researchers happy. Formbricks is the most versatile open source in-product survey tool available.

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    Connect your app

    Install the Formbricks SDK with your favorite package manager in seconds. Run native inapp surveys within minutes.
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    Pre-segment cohorts

    Send attributes and events to Formbricks to create usage-based cohorts. Send out highly targeted app surveys for better insights.
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    AI analysis

    Analyze insights in Formbricks in a breeze with our AI. Enable everyone in your team to get the most out of your in-product research.

Granular in-app targeting

Combine usage data with custom attributes and device information for fine-grained targeting. Targeted embedded surveys mean better insights for your research team and a better UX for your users.

Screenshot of granular targeting feature in an in-app survey tool

Multi-language app surveys

For app surveys to fit in smoothly, they should feel like a part of your UI. Matching languages plays a big role for seamless product research. Formbricks lets you handle survey translations easily.

Example of a multi-language survey embedded in a mobile app

Super fast loading

The Formbricks SDK is tiny (7KB). Keep your app lightning fast and your users engaged. The in-app survey SDK always loads deferred and never slows down your app.

Demonstration of super fast loading times for an embedded survey in an app

On brand design

Customize your embedded surveys to fit in. Match the look & feel of your embedded surveys with your app. Leverage our no-code design editor or load a custom style sheet - all on the free plan!

Preview of an on-brand design survey custom designed to fit within an app

Unlimited seats & products included

Embed Formbricks to run surveys in as many apps as you wish, without additional cost. Invite everyone who should work with user insights (hence, everyone). Product survey tools should never limit how far customer insights spread within a company.

Illustration of embedding Formbricks surveys across multiple mobile apps

10,000+ teams at the world’s best companies trust Formbricks

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Team roles

Control who can set up app surveys, and who gets to work with the insights gathered by your reserach. Granular access control allows everyone to work with the insights gathered with in-product research.

Interface showcasing team roles and access rights for in-app survey setup and insights

Reuse segments to target consistently

Compose segments of app users with advanced filters. Reuse these segments to survey the same cohorts consistently. Keeping your targeting consistent allows to measure how much your app experience improves over time.

Visualization of creating and reusing segments for targeted surveys inapp

We're using Formbricks with Amplitude. The surveys fit in perfectly with our UI and the event-based targeting is super useful. The team loves it!

Sachin Jain, CEO @ Requestly (YC W22)

Sachin Jain, CEO @ Requestly

All features backed in

In-app surveys exactly how you want them

Show survey to % of user

Only show surveys to e.g. 50% of visitors.

Add delay before showing

Wait a few seconds before showing the survey

Auto close in inactivity

Auto close a survey if the visitors does not interact.

Close survey on response limit

Auto-close a survey after hitting e.g. 50 responses

Close survey on date

Auto-close a survey on a specific date.

Redirect on completion

Redirect visitors after they completed your survey.

Embed surveys the right way - natively.

You spent months crafting your product, don’t ruin it with pop-ups.


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