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Create beautiful online forms for free – all open source. Unlimited surveys, unlimited responses. Easily self-hostable.

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A worthy open source Typeform alternative

Everyone needs online forms and yet, there was no good open source builder for them. That’s why we - together with our community - have set out to build the best open source forms builder mankind has seen.

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    AI insights

    Analyze responses right in Formbricks. Or pipe them to where you need them via one of our native integrations.

Free forms forever, unlimited

Get unlimited forms, responses, team members and workspaces in our open source web forms builder. In the Cloud we only charge for branding removal. Self-host with one click and remove the branding from all forms for free.

Unlimited open source web forms displayed on various devices

The 'Do everything' forms

Our open source forms builder packs all question types you can think of. As a community-driven project, we build what our community needs: Your feedback makes Formbricks the best free web form builder out there.

Versatile form types available in Formbricks open source form builder

100% on brand design

Create your open source web surveys in exactly the look & feel of your brand. Change colors or roundness, and set background images or animations to get exactly the look you want. Formbricks open source approach let's you customize your forms as much as you want.

Customizable open source survey design matching brand identity

Slack, Zapier, Hubspot

Use native integrations into all of your tools. Keep your respondents data safe and your Privacy Policy short. The Formbricks community integrations make our web form builder the most versatile and extendable solution on the internet.

Open source form builder integrating with Slack, Zapier, and Hubspot

Embed anywhere

Embed forms websites and in emails. Get your open source surveys in front of the right people effortlessly. You want to embed forms on a WordPress page? Our community is working on a free WordPress form plugin as we speak.

Embeddable open source form on a website and email

Finally a great open source survey builder! Formbricks proves that open source surveys can be both powerful and user-friendly.

Jonathan Reimer, CEO @

Jonathan Reimer, CEO @

Pre-populate fields

Prefill fields with data you have already. Enrich your analysis by gathering all data points in one place. Versatile link prefilling lets you collect all data on our open source platform.

Pre-populating fields in an open source form builder for enhanced data collection

Conditional logic

Jump questions based on previous answers for higher completion rate. Conditional logic lets you personalize the survey experience. Formbricks is the only open source form builder with comprehensive logic capabilities included.

Custom survey paths using conditional logic in open source forms builder

Multi-language surveys

Run the same survey in several languages. Analyse all languages together or filter out feedback provided in specific languages. Not even Typeform has multi-language surveys, but our open source forms builder can handle it.

Multi-language support in open source form builder, showcasing global survey capabilities

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Build open source forms like never before

All form builder features

Close on response limit

Auto-close a survey after hitting e.g. 50 responses.

Close on date

Auto-close a survey on a specific date.

Redirect on completion

Redirect visitors after they completed your survey.

Custom ‘Survey closed’ message

Adjust how you tell respondents that your survey is closed.

Single-use survey links

Generate links which can be used only once.

Verify email before response

Ask for a valid email before allowing people to respond.

PIN protected forms

Require a PIN before letting people respond.

Hidden fields

Add hidden fields you can prepulate via URL.

Multi-language surveys

Translate your surveys, analyze responses together.

Email notifications

Receive emails when people respond to your surveys

Partial submissions

Get all the insights down to the very first answer.

Recall information

Pipe answers from previous quesitons for better questions.

Add images to questions

Add an image or video to any question.

Add videos to questions

Add an image or video to any question.

Branded surveys

Add your logo at the header of you survey.

Custom domains

Add your domain for higher brand recognition and trust.

Calculations & quizzing

Redirect visitors after they completed your survey.

Auto-email respondents

Auto-close a survey after hitting e.g. 50 responses.

Dropdowns & Rankings

Auto-close a survey after hitting e.g. 50 responses.

Question groups

Auto-close a survey on a specific date.

I've been looking for a solid open source form builder for a while. Super happy to see Formbricks building it!

Peer Richelsen, CEO @

Peer Richelsen, Co-Founder and CEO of

A complete open source form builder

All question types included

Address field

Gather addresses

File upload

Handle file uploads

Net Promoter Score


Picture selection

Find out what resonates

Date picker

Ask for specific dates

Schedule a meeting

Powered by

Open text

Free text field

Single select

Radio select field

Multi select

List of checkboxes


Stars, smiles or numbers

Call to action

Prompt users with a CTA


Ask for consent.

Signature (soon)

Powered by Documenso

Collect payments (soon)

Powered by Stripe

Matrix question (soon)

Run scientific surveys


Frequently asked questions

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