Beautiful Open Source Surveys. Built as a community, free forever.

The time is ripe, this is needed. So we ship it as a community - and give it back to the world!
Join us and build surveying infrastructure for millions - free and open source.

First Things First:
An Open Source Typeform Alternative

It's been requested many times over, so Typeform-like surveys is where we start.
In October, we kicked it off in style with a 30-day hackathon.

Previously at Formbricks
February until September 2023

Formbricks team building out surveying infrastructure

Product Hunt Launch 🚀
31st October 2023

⏳ Question Type: Contact Details
⏳ Send Email to Respondents
⏳ Advanced Logic Editor
What’s next? Request Features

Internet Domination 😇

Write Code, Level Up and Unlock Benefits

The more you contribute, the more points you collect. Unlock benefits like cash bounties, limited merch and more!

Rookie Badge

Repository Rookie

Level 1

Easy issues

Warm up with the repo, get your first PR merged.

DevRel tasks

Write docs and manuals for better understanding.

Deputy Badge

Deploy Deputy

Level 2

Core Contributions

Work on more complex issues. Get guidance.

Work with core team

Work closely with the core team, learn faster.

Prime Badge

Pushmaster Prime

Level 3

Cash Bounties

Get access to issues with $$$ bounties.

Job Listings

We hire top contributors. Hear about new jobs first!

Legend Badge

Formbricks Legend

Special Honor

Unconditional Love

Finally. From the community and core team 🤍

rookie batch
rookie batch
rookie batch

Our values

Apart from being decent human beings, this is what we value:


Less is more.

Like with friends, we’re about forming deep and meaningful relationships within our community. If you want to merge a PR with improved punctuation to catch a green square, this is likely not the right place for you :)


Show up & Pull through.

When you pick a task up, please make sure to complete it in timely manner. The longer it floats around, the more merge conflicts arise.


Only bite off what you can chew.

Open source is all about learning and so is our community. We love help you learn but have to manage our resources well. Please don’t take up tasks far outside your area of competence.

The Deal

We're kinda making a handshake agreement here. This is it:

Cloud Free
Remove branding
Unlimited responses
Capped responses
Unlimited uploads
Max file size 10 MB
Advanced styling
Advanced styling
Invite team members
Invite team members
Verify email before response
Verify email before response
Partial responses
Partial responses
Custom 'Thank You' page
Custom 'Thank You' page
Close survey on response limit
Close survey on response limit
Custom 'Survey Closed' message
Custom 'Survey Closed' message
Schedule survey closing
Schedule survey closing
Redirect on completion
Redirect on completion
+ all upcoming community-built features
+ all upcoming community-built features

Are Formbricks in-app surveys also free?

Just a heads-up: this deal doesn't cover Formbricks' in-app surveys. We've got a solid free plan, but we've gotta keep some control over pricing to keep things running long-term.

Get started

We're still setting things up, join our Discord to stay in the loop :)


Anything unclear?

Why do I have to sign a CLA?

To assure this project to be financially viable, we have to be able to relicense the code for enterprise customers and governments. To be able to do so, we are legally obliged to have you sign a CLA.

Where will this be hosted?

We offer a Formbricks Cloud hosted in Germany with a generous free plan but you can also easily self-host using Docker.

Why is there a Commercial plan?

The commercial plan is for features who break the OSS WIN-WIN Loop or incur additional cost. We charge 30$ if you want a custom domain, remove Formbricks branding, collect large files in surveys or collect payments. We think that’s fair :)

Are your in-app surveys also free forever?

The in-app surveys you can run with Formbricks are not part of this Deal. We offer a generous free plan but keep full control over the pricing in the long run. In-app surveys are really powerful for products with thousands of users and something has to bring in the dollars.

Can anyone join?

Yes! Even when you don’t know how to write code you can become part of the community completing side quests. As long as you know how to open a PR you are very welcome to take part irrespective of your age, gender, nationality, food preferences, taste in clothing and favorite Pokemon.

How do I level up?

Every PR gives you points - doesn’t matter if it’s for code related tasks or non-code ones. With every point, you move closer to levelling up!

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