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Open-source Experience Management

Understand what customers think & feel about your product.

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Data Privacy at heart

The only open-source solution

Comply with all data privacy regulation with ease. Self-host if you want.

  • Smoothly Compliant

    Use our GDPR-compliant Cloud or self-host the entire solution.
  • Fully Customizable

    Full customizability and extendability. Integrate with your stack easily.
  • Stay independent

    The code is open-source. Do with it what your organization needs.

Ask at the right moment,
get the data you need.

Follow up emails are so 2010. Ask users as they experience your product - and leverage a significantly higher conversion rate.

react library
react library

Dont' ‘Spray and pray’.
Pre-segment granularly.

Pre-segment who sees your survey based on custom attributes. Keep the signal, cancel out the noise.

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Proudly Open-Source 🤍

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Leave your engineers in peace

Set Formbricks up in minutes

Formbricks is designed for as little dev attention as possible. Here’s how:

Step 1

Copy + Paste

Simply copy a <script> tag to your HTML head - that’s about it. Or use NPM to install Formbricks for React, Vue, Svelte, etc.

npm install @formbricks/js
import formbricks from "@formbricks/js";

if (typeof window !== "undefined") {
    environmentId: "claV2as2kKAqF28fJ8",
    apiHost: "https://app.formbricks.com",

Step 2

No-Code: Track User Actions

Set up user actions which can trigger your survey without writing a single line of code. Surveys can be triggered on specific pages or after an element is clicked.

Step 3

Create your survey

Start from a template - or from scratch. Ask what you want, in any language. You can also adjust the look and feel of your survey.



Step 4

Set segment and trigger

Create a custom segment for each survey. Use attributes and past user actions to only survey the people who have answers. Trigger your survey on any user action in your app.

Step 5

Make better decisions

Gather all insights you can - including partial submissions. Build conviction for the next product decision. Better data, better business.

Data Pipelines


Give it a squeeze 🍋

All 'Pro' features are free on Formbricks. Give it a go!