Build user research into your product

Natively embed qualitative user research into your B2B SaaS.

Built for Product-minded founders

Hack your way to Product-Market Fit

We redesigned experience management for SaaS founding teams: Developer-first, native look & feel, private at heart.

  • Minimal Dev Attention

    All you want is building your product. Set it up once, keep insights flowing in.
  • Native Look & Feel

    No more UX clutter. Use headless forms or highly customizabale UI components.
  • Open Source

    Own your data. Run Formbricks on your servers and comply with all regulation.


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Connect product analytics,
ask specific user cohorts.

Email is spammy and ineffective. Create cohorts based on usage data and reach out to specific cohorts in-app.

react library
react library

Fill the gaps between
analytics and interviews.

Product analytics tell you WHAT users do, not WHY. Complement user interviews with a constant flow of qualitative user insights.

From sign up to paid plan:
Never ask something twice.

With Formbricks you build a database of everyone who signs up to your product. Enrich their profile at key moments in the user journey.

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Get started with Best Practices

Proven templates for qualitative user research.


Onboarding Segmentation

Get to know your users right from the start. Ask a few questions early, let us enrich the profile.


Superhuman PMF Survey

Find out how disappointed people would be if they could not use your service any more.


Feature Chaser

Show a survey about a new feature shown only to people who used it.


Cancel Subscription Flow

Request users going through a cancel subscription flow before cancelling.


Interview Prompt

Ask high-interest users to book a time in your calendar to get all the juicy details.


Fake Door Follow-Up

Running a fake door experiment? Catch users right when they are full of expectations.

Retain Users

Feedback Box

Give users the chance to share feedback in a single click.

Retain Users

Bug Report Form

Catch all bugs in your SaaS with easy and accessible bug reports.

Retain Users

Rage Click Survey

Sometimes things don’t work. Trigger this rage click survey to catch users in rage.

Retain Users

Feature Request Widget

Allow users to request features and pipe it to GitHub projects or Linear.


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We’re onboarding design partners regularly. Sign up to get early access.