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Understand what people need on your website. Keep full control over your data, always.

We run NPS surveys for several products with Formbricks. It's open source and the team lays a strong focus on keeping user data secure and compliant - definitely recommended!

Marius Cristea, CTO @ ThemeIsle

Marius Cristea, CTO @ ThemeIsle

As an open source company we highly value data privacy. It's so cool that we could self-host Formbricks within a few minutes using Docker. Great product, finally we have good open source survey software!

Vishnu Mohandas, Co-Founder @

Vishnu Mohandas, Co-Founder @

Keep all data private and secure

Formbricks is open source and can be self-hosted easily. Fly through compliance reviews by keeping all data on premise - or use our EU Cloud πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί. Formbricks works in full compliance with data privacy regulation worldwide.

Formbricks is open source and can be self-hosted easily. Fly through compliance reviews by keeping all data on premise - or use our EU cloud
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    Connect your website

    Copy a code snippet to the <HEAD> of your website and you're good to go! Works on all types of websites, including WordPress and Shopify.
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    Set up trigger

    Create a website survey and trigger it at the perfect time. No coding required.
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    AI analysis

    Analyze insights from your internet survey in Formbricks easily. Our privacy-first AI highlights key insights without leaking any data.

No-code targeting

To set up and run an online survey, no code changes are needed. Use generic triggers like clicks, page views, scroll depth or exit intents to trigger web surveys whenever you want. Enable less technical team mates to run online surveys in minutes.

Illustration of no-code online survey targeting

Multi-language website surveys

You offer your website in several languages? No problem! Display your online surveys in the language your visitor prefers automatically. Easily manage multi-language survey translations with Formbricks.

Multi-language online surveys for global audience engagement

Super fast ⚑

The Formbricks SDK is tiny (7KB). Keep your website lightning fast for better SEO. Formbricks website surveys load deferred so they never slow down your page.

Fast loading online web surveys for SEO optimization

100% privacy-first

Formbricks can be self-hosted with one click. Prefer a managed service? We run our Cloud as a German company, hosted in Germany with full GDPR- and CCPA-compliance. Keeping survey data private has never been easier.

GDPR and CCPA-compliant privacy-first online survey tool

Fully on brand design

Freely customize the look and feel of your website surveys. Make them match your user interface for better conversion rates. Especially open source surveys provide the deepest level of customizability.

Customizable on-brand design for online surveys

10,000+ teams at the world’s best companies trust Formbricks

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Fine-grained targeting with custom attributes

Attach custom attributes to website visitors and target only the ones who match. Targeted online research yields much better insights at a lower cost. Formbricks is built for scale, it can handle millions of visitors smoothly.

Custom attribute targeting in online surveys for precise data collection

Forget about ad blockers

Many survey tools are considered tracking tools and get blocked by browsers. Formbricks does not track any personal information out of the box. Plus, you can always self-host Formbricks and increase your response rates significantly.

Ad-blocker resistant online survey tool for higher response rates

Snap a screenshot for more context

Understand the context of users filling in your website surveys with a screenshot. Erase potentially personalized data form your online questionnaire automatically.

Context-enhancing screenshots for comprehensive online survey data

All clear? Run your first website survey πŸ‘‰

Targeted website surveys, all privacy-first. Run professional research without compromising data privacy.

All features you need

Website surveys exactly how you want them

Show survey to % of user

Only show surveys to e.g. 50% of visitors.

Add delay before showing

Wait a few seconds before showing the survey

Auto close in inactivity

Auto close a survey if the visitors does not interact.

Close survey on response limit

Auto-close a survey after hitting e.g. 50 responses

Close survey on date

Auto-close a survey on a specific date.

Redirect on completion

Redirect visitors after they completed your survey.


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