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Write code, win a MacBook Air M2

Can our community build an open source Typeform alternative during Hacktoberfest?

In a nutshell

  1. As a community, we will ship all link survey features for a Typeform like experience in 30 days 🚢
  2. All code and non-code contributors have a chance to win a MacBook Air M2 💻
  3. The link surveys will be 100% free to use - from the community, for the community 🫶
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What is this? (And are we 🥜?)

Charlie Munger famously said “Show me the incentives and I show you the outcome”.

The beauty of Open Source Software (and the reason for its inevitable domination) is that incentives between the different groups of users and developers are perfectly aligned.

Let’s have a look:

oss loop

With open-source software, everyone wins:

The community of contributors gets to learn on the job working on a real product with real users. The free users get to use a feature-complete product free of charge. we don’t have to pay insane sales people salaries to sell our enterprise solution in the future. Welcome to the OSS win-win loop™

This is why we have decided to spend the complete month of Hacktoberfest hacking away with you, our community!

But why would you hack with us?

There’s a couple of reasons, but let’s first nail this down:

The time for an elegant 👏, open source 👏 survey builder has come. It has been tried before, but it has never been maintained long enough because it’s hard to make money with a free tool.

This is why the FormTribe is coming together this October!

And you can be a part of it!

Imagine yourself flexing on a date that your code is used by thousands and soon millions of people!

Apart from you dating life levelling up, here are some proper reasons:

  • You can win a new MacBook Air M2 💻
  • You can win limited hoodies, t-shirts and stickers!
  • You can complete official Hacktoberfest PRs
  • You’ll earn your spot of honour on our Community page on
  • You’ll be working closely with the Formbricks team, shipping features which have been requested since this was called snoopForms
  • You’ll join an active community of open source fans, connect and learn together

Doesn’t this sound like fun?

It does! And I almost forgot the most important part:

The grande finale is a ProductHunt launch 🚀

What are you waiting for?

Roll up your sleeves, pick one of the issues linked below and join us!

Matti, Johannes, Anshuman, Shubham & Dhruwang


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We give back to our community with the slickest laptop made by human kind: A MacBook Air M2!

macbook air m2
  • 🎉 1 x MacBook Air M2
  • 🎉 3 x Limited FormTribe Premium Hoodie
  • 🎉 10 x Limited FormTribe Premium Shirt
  • 🎉 10 x 250h for Gitpod
  • 🎉 50 x Sets of Formbricks Stickers

Every participant can win! How?

For every point you make, your name will be added to a virtual jar. From this jar we will draw the winners. An example:

  • Lola makes 200 points for a PR and a total of 100 points with side quests. Lola’s name will be added 300x to the jar.
  • Bricky completes side quests for 50 points, so his name will be added 50x to the jar.

In a live stream we will pull a name from the jar for each of the prizes. Since Lola has 6x more points than Bricky, her chance of winning is 6x higher.


Write code, win a MacBook

We want to give back to our community of developers. What would be better than the best laptop ever designed by human kind? A MacBook Air M2!


Be the first to comment and get the issue assigned.


You now have 24h to open a draft PR ⏲️


If your PR looks promising, we'll work with you to get it merged.


For every merged PR you collect points ✨

🏰 Side Quests: Increase your chances

While code contributions are what gives the most points, everyone gets to bump up their chance of winning. Here is a list of side quests you can complete:

Keep track with Notion Template


The Leaderboard

We keep track of all contributions and side quests in Discord. Join to take part!

4045 Points
Naitik Kapadia (Arjun)
3250 Points
Anjaneya Gupta
3150 Points
2825 Points
Aditya Deshlahre
2120 Points
Bilal Mirza
2095 Points
1800 Points
Ronit Panda
1650 Points
Prasoon Mahawar
1600 Points
1350 Points
Rohan Gupta
1350 Points
1105 Points
Abhinav Arya
1100 Points
1000 Points
980 Points
Sachin Mittal
850 Points
650 Points
650 Points
650 Points
Piyush Garg
650 Points
600 Points
Nafees Nazik
600 Points
550 Points
Rajarshi Misra
500 Points
Subham Raj
500 Points
Shyam Raghu
500 Points
Adarsh Malviya
450 Points
350 Points
Ratish Jain
300 Points
Arya Bhosale
300 Points
Digvijay Gupta
300 Points
275 Points
250 Points
Sagnik Sahoo
250 Points
Vikas Patil
250 Points
Rohit Mondal
205 Points
Kelvin Parmar
200 Points
200 Points
Yash Nirmal
200 Points
Eduardo Noronha
200 Points
200 Points
200 Points
Harshit Vashisht
200 Points
150 Points
Olalaye Blessing
150 Points
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
Sachin H
100 Points
Suraj Jadhav
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
Pratik Tiwari (Pratik)
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
Ashish Khare
100 Points
Rayyan Alam (Rayy)
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
Sachin Kuber
100 Points
Manpreet Singh
100 Points
Vaibhav Gupta
100 Points
Eder Silva
100 Points
Viswa Prasath (iamvp7)
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
Jonas Hoebenreich
100 Points
100 Points
Vishal Khoje
100 Points
Hemanth Wasthere
100 Points
Raju Gangitla
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
100 Points
50 Points
50 Points
50 Points
Mohd Zama
50 Points
50 Points
Soham Tembhurne
50 Points
50 Points
50 Points
50 Points
50 Points
50 Points
Hanan Mehmood
50 Points
Janumala Akhilendra
50 Points
Nilanjan Pramanik
50 Points
50 Points
50 Points
50 Points


The Timeline

(Germans do nothing without one)


Don’t miss the launch!

Get notified on launch plus a weekly update:


The Deal

We're kinda making a handshake agreement here. Let’s outline the terms:

Formbricks Cloud
Formbricks Cloud Pro
100% free
Unlimited Surveys
Custom URL
All features included
Unlimited Submissions
Remove Branding
It's your storage, go nuts!
Upload Limit 10 MB
Unlimited Uploads
Hook up your own Stripe
Payments with 2% Mark Up
Remove Mark Up from Payments
Your server, your rules
Invite Team Members
The 'Do what you want' plan
Verify Email before Submission
at this point I'm just filling rows
Partial Submissions
I should stop
Custom Thank You Page
ok one more
Close Survey after Submission Limit
no flavor like free flavor
Custom Survey Closed Message
Close Survey on Date
Redirect on Completion
+ all upcoming community-built features

Are Formbricks in-app surveys also free?

Just a heads-up: this deal doesn't cover Formbricks' in-app surveys. We've got a solid free plan, but we've gotta keep some control over pricing to keep things running long-term.


Anything unclear?

Is this part of Formbricks or a different tool?

The link survey is part of the Formbricks core product. The code is managed in the Formbricks mono repository.

Why are there only 30ish issues to work on?

We believe in Quality over Quantity. We’re a small team and want to be able to pay enough attention to each of the contributors.

Can everyone win?

There are 64 prizes. Every contributor can only win 1 prize, so there will be 64 winners. Every contributor has a chance to win. The more points you make, the higher your chance to win.

Why do I have to sign a CLA?

To assure this project to be financially viable, we have to be able to relicense the code for enterprise customers and governments. To be able to do so, we are legally obliged to have you sign a CLA.

Where will this be hosted?

We offer a Formbricks Cloud with a generous free plan but you can also easily self-host using Docker.

What is the FormTribe?

The FormTribe is what we call our community of contributors.

Why is there a Commercial plan?

The commercial plan is for features who break the OSS WIN-WIN Loop or incur additional cost. We charge 29$ if you want a custom domain, remove Formbricks branding, collect large files in surveys or collect payments. We think that’s fair :)

Are your in app surveys also free forever?

The in app surveys you can run with Formbricks are not part of this Deal. We offer a generous free plan but keep full control over the pricing in the long run. In app surveys are really powerful for products with thousands of users and something has to bring in the dollars.

Do I need to pay duty for the SWAG?

No, we cover that.

How long will it take to receive the swag?

30-60 days.

How does it work?

Here are detailed instructions, please read through them.

What's in it for me?

A Macbook Air M2 or AirPods if your lucky, and life long friends for sure.

When is the event happening?

1st of October until 31st of October

Can everyone participate?

Yes! Even when you don’t know how to write code you can take part completing side quests. As long as you can open a PR you are very welcome to take part irrespective of your age, gender, nationality, food preferences, taste in clothing and favorite Pokemon.

Join Discord and ask away

Join the Tribe!

Get notified on launch plus a weekly update: