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Remove branding for free on all survey types on self-hosted Formbricks 🎁

Remove branding from all survey types of self-hosted



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March 21st, 2024

While it was always possible to remove the Formbricks branding from link surveys, you can now remove it from all survey types incl. in-app and website surveys for free.

Why are we doing this?

To be fair, the branding removal was always possible and legal under the AGPLv3 license.

BUT it was cumbersome, unnecessarily cumbersome: You needed to take it out of the codez, build a new image and host it. And every time we released a new version, you had to do the same 😮‍💨

We didn't like that. It's an arbitrary limitation which only adds work to your already busy day. If it is really important for you to remove the branding and self-host, this was your only option. Until now.

Remove all branding on self-hosted ✅

This is why you can now just toggle the branding off, if you like - for free.

If you want to support our project, you're obviously more than welcome to keep the beautiful branding on (and enjoy your life filled with good karma 😛).

What about Formbricks Cloud?

On the cloud, branding removal is handled differently. Here is an overview:

Branding RemovalLink surveysWebsite surveysIn-app surveys
Formbricks CloudPart of Pro plan ($30)Add credit card (free)Add credit card (free)

So how does Formbricks make money than?

With our Enterprise Edition. If you use our Cloud, you get to use the Formbricks Enterprise Edition for free once you added a credit card. After the free monthly responses are used up, you pay a fee per submission and identified user. For a more detailed overview, please have a look at our pricing page.

If you want to self-host the Formbricks Enterprise Edition, you need to buy an Enterprise license from us. These licenses are designed for larger companies who have complex data privacy and security requirements. Self-hosting Formbricks makes the compliance process a loooot easier. These licenses come on a yearly basis. If you're interested, let's just have a chat.

That's it for now, thanks 🚀

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