Integrations Setup

Make is a powerful tool to send information between Formbricks and thousands of apps. Here's how to set it up.

Step 1: Setup your survey incl. questionId for every question

Set up the questionIds of your survey questions before publishing.

Update Question ID

Update the Question ID field in every question card under Advanced Settings.

Step 2: Setup

Visit to start a new scenario.

Create New Scenario

Search for Formbricks:

Search Formbricks

Choose the event to trigger the Scenario:

Select Triggers

Step 3: Connect Formbricks with Make

Click "Create a webhook":

Create Webhook

Enter the Formbricks API key. Learn how to get one from the API Key tutorial.

Enter API Key

Step 4: Select Survey

Choose from your created surveys:

Select Survey

Step 5: Send a test response

You need a test response for Make setup. For local Formbricks setup, use the Demo App to submit a test response.

Submit Test Response

Step 6: Set up Google Sheet

Decide on the desired action for the data. Here, we'll send submissions to a Google Sheet:

Add Module

Choose "Add a Row" for the action:

Select Action

Specify the spreadsheet details and match the Formbricks data:

Select Fields

A new row gets added to the spreadsheet for every response:


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