Welcome to Formbricks, the versatile surveying tool designed to meet the needs of both individuals and enterprises.

This section covers the below:

  • One Click Setup: Quickly set up a production instance of Formbricks on Ubuntu with our convenient shell script.
  • Docker Setup: Start using Formbricks quickly with our pre-built Docker image.
  • Migration Guide: Migrate your existing Formbricks instance to the latest version hassle-free.
  • Configuration: Customize your Formbricks installation with custom configurations.
  • Integrations: Configure third-party integrations with your self-hosted Formbricks instance.
  • All things Licensing: Learn more about our AGPL Formbricks Core and its open-source license & Unlock advanced features tailored for larger teams and enterprises with the EE License.

Understanding our Offerings:

Whether you're looking for a self-hosted solution or prefer cloud hosting, Formbricks has you covered. Below is a concise overview of our offerings:

  • Cloud Hosting: Enjoy hassle-free deployment and management with our cloud hosting option. Available at, our cloud hosting solution is perfect for users who prefer a managed service.
  • Self-Hosting Free: Get started quickly with our free self-hosting option, perfect for personal and small-scale usage.
  • Self-Hosting with Enterprise License: Unlock advanced functionality tailored for larger teams and enterprises by opting for our Enterprise Edition license.

Licensing Options Comparison:

For Self Hosting, our core product is free however certain advanced features are a part of our Enterprise License offering. Please refer this table to understand if you want the features that are a part of it and then we’ll reach out to you!

FeatureCloud HostingSelf-Hosting FreeSelf-Hosting EE License
Setup & MaintenanceManagedDIYDIY
Advanced FunctionalityFull (Optional Paid plans)Most of themAll Advanced Features
Support & UpdatesIncludedCommunityPrioritised
PriceSubscriptionFreeFixed Per month
Customization & ControlLimitedModerateFull

For more queries around licensing, reach out to us at [email protected]

Please note that regardless of the method you choose, Formbricks is designed to be easy-to-use and flexible. So choose the method that best fits your comfort level and requirements, and start leveraging the power of Formbricks today!

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