Single Use Links

This guide will help you understand how to generate and use single-use links within our application.


  • Single-use links (or one-time / disposable links) are URLs that grant access to a survey only once.

  • The primary purpose of single-use links is to assure that no respondent submits a survey twice.

Using single-use links with Formbricks is quite straight-forward:

  1. In the survey settings, toggle "Single Use Link" on:

    Single use survey settings
  2. When you publish your survey, the following modal will open:

    Share modal with 7 single use links which can be regenerated

Here, you can copy and generate as many single-use links as you need.

URL Encryption

You can encrypt single use URLs to assure information to be protected. To enable it, you have to set the correct environment variable:

Set the right env var to be able to enable encryption.

Check suId of a submission

You can find the suId of each submission in the submission meta data. To view it, simple hover over the Avatar:

View suId in the submission meta data.

You can customize the 'link used' messaging in the Survey Editor settings:

Adjust the message shown to people if a link was already used.

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