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Modal Surveys

A modal is a window popping up in the middle of the screen (pop-up). The rest of the user interface is usually greyed out.

No UI provided

As of now, we do not provide modal UI. We explain how you can fill a modal of your frontend framework with the Best Practice content.



The Best Practices come with a default pop-over in the script. We assume that you have already installed one of the Best Practices and configured it. If not, please proceed here:


  1. To inject the Best Practice in your Modal window, you have to make sure to have set the containerID in the config object:
config: {
  hqUrl: "",
  formId: "cldipcgat0000mn0g31a8pdse",
  containerId: "formbricks-survey", // needs to be set
  1. All you have to do then is to set the id of the inner div of your Modal accordingly:
<div id="formbricks-survey"></div>
  1. If you have several Best Practices embedded, you have to make sure to use unique id's.

Full Example

Here is a full example file for React.js, TailwindCSS and HeadlessUI:

import { Dialog, Transition } from "@headlessui/react";
import { Fragment, useEffect, useState } from "react";

export default function Demo() {
  const [initialized, setInitialized] = useState(false);
  useEffect(() => {
    window.formbricks = {
      config: {
        hqUrl: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_FORMBRICKS_URL,
        formId: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_FORMBRICKS_FORM_ID,
        divId: "formbricks-container",
        contact: {
          name: "Matti",
          position: "Co-Founder",
          imgUrl: "",
    // @ts-ignore
    import("@formbricks/feedback").then(() => setInitialized(true));
  }, []);

  useEffect(() => {
    if (initialized) {
  }, [initialized]);

  return (
    <Transition.Root show={true} as={Fragment}>
      <Dialog as="div" className="relative z-10" onClose={() => {}}>
          enter="ease-out duration-300"
          leave="ease-in duration-200"
          <div className="fixed inset-0 bg-gray-500 bg-opacity-75 transition-opacity" />

        <div className="fixed inset-0 z-10 overflow-y-auto">
          <div className="flex min-h-full items-end justify-center p-4 text-center sm:items-center sm:p-0">
              enter="ease-out duration-300"
              enterFrom="opacity-0 translate-y-4 sm:translate-y-0 sm:scale-95"
              enterTo="opacity-100 translate-y-0 sm:scale-100"
              leave="ease-in duration-200"
              leaveFrom="opacity-100 translate-y-0 sm:scale-100"
              leaveTo="opacity-0 translate-y-4 sm:translate-y-0 sm:scale-95">
              <Dialog.Panel className="relative transform overflow-hidden rounded-lg bg-white text-left shadow-xl transition-all sm:my-8 sm:w-full sm:max-w-sm">
                <div id="formbricks-container" />

That's it ๐ŸŽ‰

Youโ€™re Best Practice loads whenever the modal is opened. When the content of the Best Practice did not load correctly, the Modal will not open.

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