The AGPL Formbricks Core

The Formbricks core application is licensed under the AGPLv3 Open Source License. The core application is fully functional and includes everything you need to design & run link surveys, website surveys and in-app surveys. You can use the software for free for personal and commercial use. You're also allowed to create and distribute modified versions as long as you document the changes you make incl. date. The AGPL license requires you to publish your modified version under the AGPLv3 license as well.

The Enterprise Edition

Additional to the AGPL licensed Formbricks core, this repository contains code licensed under an Enterprise license. The code and license for the enterprise functionality can be found in the /packages/ee folder of this repository. This additional functionality is not part of the AGPLv3 licensed Formbricks core and is designed to meet the needs of larger teams and enterprises. This advanced functionality is already included in the Docker images, but you need an Enterprise License Key to unlock it.

White-Labeling Formbricks and Other Licensing Needs

If you have other licensing requirements such as White-Labeling please send us an email.

Why charge for Enterprise Features?

The Enterprise Edition and White-Label Licenses allow us to fund the development of Formbricks sustainably. It guarantees that the open-source surveying infrastructure we're building will be around for decades to come.

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