Self Hosting Formbricks

At Formbricks, we understand that different users have different needs, and we strive to cater to a wide variety of situations. This is why we currently provide two ways of running our application:

  1. Production Instance Setup with Shell Script on Ubuntu: If you want to quickly set up a production instance of Formbricks on a server running Ubuntu, we've got you covered! This method utilizes a convenient shell script that takes care of everything, including Docker, Postgres DB, and SSL certificate configuration. The shell script will automatically install all the required dependencies and configure your server, making the process a breeze. Visit the Production Instance Setup with a Bash Script Documentation.

  2. Fast Setup with a Pre-built Docker Image: This method is designed for those who want to quickly set up and start using Formbricks without getting into the technicalities of Docker or the build process. When you choose this method, you're using an image that we've already built for you. The pre-built image is ready-to-run, and it only requires minimal configuration on your part. This approach is perfect for getting a functional instance of Formbricks up and running with minimal hassle. It's as easy as downloading the Docker image and firing up the container. Visit the Docker Setup Documentation.

Please note that regardless of the method you choose, Formbricks is designed to be easy-to-use and flexible. So choose the method that best fits your comfort level and requirements, and start leveraging the power of Formbricks today!

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