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Deploying Formbricks to production

Public Beta

Formbricks is not yet stable. Please reach out to us when you deploy Formbricks in production:

Deploy with Docker-Compose

The easiest way to deploy Formbricks HQ on your own machine is using Docker. This requires Docker and the docker compose plugin on your system to work.

Clone the repository:

git clone && cd formbricks

Create a .env file based on .env.docker and change all fields according to your setup. This file comes with a basic setup and Formbricks HQ works without making any changes to the file. To enable email sending functionality you need to configure the SMTP settings in the .env file. If you configured your email credentials, you can also comment the following lines to enable email verification (# NEXT_PUBLIC_EMAIL_VERIFICATION_DISABLED=1) and password reset (# NEXT_PUBLIC_PASSWORD_RESET_DISABLED=1)

Copy the .env.docker file to .env and edit it with an editor of your choice if needed.

cp .env.docker .env

Note: The environment variables are used at build time. When you change environment variables later, you need to rebuild the image with docker compose build for the changes to take effect.

Finally start the docker compose process to build and spin up the Formbricks HQ container as well as the PostgreSQL database.

docker compose up -d
# (use docker-compose if you are on an older docker version)

You can now access the app on https://localhost:3000. You will be automatically redirected to the login. To use your local installation of Formbricks HQ, create a new account.

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