Link Surveys

Source Tracking

Understand the source a survey respondent comes from when responding to your survey - all while keeping data privacy standards high!

Check out this video to learn more about source tracking in link surveys:


Source tracking for link surveys is essential when you:

  • Want to analyze the origin of your survey respondents.
  • Aim to ensure compliance with tracking and data collection regulations.

Code Example

Example Source as Google

How it Works

To track the source of users in your link surveys effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Generate Survey URL: Create a Link Survey and get the sharable link. Append ?source=YourSouce to the link to reference it with your campaigns and sources.

Example Source as Google
  1. Collect Data: When users access the survey through these links, the URL parameters will capture the source information from which they were shared.

  2. View Responses: Use the collected source data to analyze where your survey respondents are coming from. You can hover over the user icon in the responses tab to see the source of the user.

View Source in Response
  1. Analyse Data: Download all the responses as a CSV/Excel and get access to the source information. This can provide valuable insights into your audience.

Source tracking allows you to make informed decisions based on the origin of your survey participants, helping you tailor your surveys and marketing strategies accordingly.

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