Getting Started


Link Surveys make it easy for your users to give you feedback. They are a great way to get feedback from your users, without interrupting their workflow. This quickstart guide will show you how to create your first link survey in under 5 minutes.

Create a free Formbricks Cloud account

While you can self-host Formbricks, but the quickest and easiest way to get started is with the free Cloud plan. Just sign up here and click through the onboarding, until you’re here:

Choose a link survey template

Choose one of the pre-created templates to get started. We’ll choose the Product Market Fit template for this quickstart guide.

Create your first survey

On clicking the template, you’ll be forwarded to the survey editor. Here you can edit the survey questions and settings. For the sake of simplicity, we'll keep the questions as they are and move to the survey settings.

Survey Editor opens up in the Formbricks App

Click on the Settings tab to edit the survey settings.

Configure your survey settings

Formbricks packs a lot of useful functionality out of the box. You can:

  • Close the survey on a specidic date
  • After a number of response
  • Redirect users to a URL after they completed the survey
  • Protect survey with a Pin
  • ... and much more!
Survey response configuration for link survey

Style your survey

Style your survey to your need. You can keep it simplistic or use animated backgrounds. You can change the main color and soon you'll be able to fully control the appearance of the survey.

UI & View configuration for link survey

Publish your survey

Once you’re happy with the survey settings, hit Publish and you’ll be forwarded to the Summary Page. This is where you’ll find the responses to this survey.

Survey published successfully and received link to share with users

Share your survey

Congratulations! Your survey is now published and ready to be shared with your users. You can share the survey link via email, SMS, or any other channel.

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