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Hidden Fields

Hidden fields are a powerful feature in Formbricks that allows you to add data to a submission without asking the user to type it in. This feature is especially useful when you already have information about a user that you want to use in the analysis of the survey results (e.g. payment plan or email)

How to Add Hidden Fields

Enable them in the Survey Builder

  1. Edit the survey you want to add hidden fields to & open it's settings, make sure it's selected as a Link Survey.
Select the Survey Type as Link Survey
  1. Switch to the Questions tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a section called Hidden Fields. Make sure to enable it by toggling the switch.
Enable Hidden Fields
  1. Now click on it to add a new hidden field ID. You can add as many hidden fields as you want.
Add Hidden Fields Filled Hidden Fields

Set Single Hidden Field

Example Screen from which the User filled it

Set Multiple Hidden Fields

Example Screen from which the User filled it

View Hidden Fields in Responses

These hidden fields will now be visible in the responses tab just like other fields in the Summary as well as the Response Cards, and you can use them to filter and analyze your responses.

Hidden Field Responses

Use Cases

  • Tracking Source: You can add a hidden field to track the source of the survey. For a detailed guide on Source Tracking, check out the Source Tracking guide.
  • User Metadata: You can add hidden fields to capture user metadata such as user ID, email, or any other user-specific information.
  • Survey Metadata: You can add hidden fields to capture other metadata, e.g. the screen from which the survey was filled, or any other app specific information.

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