Why is Formbricks open source?

A lot has been written on why open source software beats proprietary software in all aspects - except for value capture for the company investing into its development. While this definitely poses a challenge for a profit-oriented organisation, it's also an interesting opportunity: Due to the open nature of our platform, it's usage is significantly higher. Capturing a small part of the value our platform generates translates into a decently-sized business.

AdvantageOpen Source SoftwareProprietary Software
Data PrivacySelf-host for maximum control over dataDependent on thrid party data processor.
CostOften free or significantly lower cost.Typically requires a purchase or subscription.
CustomizabilityCode can be modified to meet specific needs.Limited customization, restricted to developer's features.
SecurityFrequent community reviews identify vulnerabilities quickly.Security updates depend on vendor's schedule and interest.
FlexibilitySupports a wide range of applications and integrations.Designed for specific environments and integrations.
Community SupportLarge, active communities offer free support and resources.Paid customer support with limited community help.
InnovationFosters rapid innovation through community contributions.Innovations depend on vendor's vision and development team.
LicensingPermissive licenses allow broad usage and modification.Strict licensing with limited redistribution rights.
IndependenceNot dependent on a single vendor or developer.Vendor lock-in can limit future choices.
TransparencyFull visibility into the code base and development.Closed-source, code is hidden from users.
InteroperabilitySupports open standards, ensuring interoperability.Often requires additional software or plugins for compatibility.

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