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Welcome to Formbricks! Formbricks is a versatile open source survey platform with an Experience Management Suite built on top of it. Survey customers, users or employee at any points with a perfectly timed and targeted survey.

Formbricks - The Open Source Survey Platform

The foundation of Formbricks is an open source (AGPLv3) survey platform. Our objective is to built a survey tool which can be used to survey any stakeholder of an organisation (user, customer, employee, etc.) at any point on any platform.

Today, you can already replace many of the existing surveying solutions with Formbricks:

  • Standalone surveys (share via link): Replace Google Forms, Typeform or any other link survey tool with Formbricks Form Builder. Use lots of question types and comprehensive customisations.
  • Scalable website surveys: Even if you have millions of website visitors, Formbricks lets you run well-timed and anonymously targeted surveys on any public website.
  • Highly targeted app surveys: Identify known users with Formbricks and enrich their profiles with attributes and specific actions. Build cohorts for highly targeted in app surveys.

The surveying platform is largely free, also for commercial use. As we further develop the product offering, all surveying capacity will move into the forever free Community Edition.

Formbricks - The XM Solution

To fund the development of the most powerful and versatile surveying platform there is, we're building a commercial offering on top of the surveying platform: The Formbricks Experience Management (XM) Suite.

  • What is XM? "Experience Management" describes the effort to gather, analyze and report data from any stakeholder (customers, users, employees, etc.) or an organisation to measure and then manage how their experience with the organisation is developing.

  • Why are we excited about XM? Empowering companies, governments and nonprofit organisations to measure how customers, citizens, employees or visitors experience their products and services is a meaningful undertaking. Life is too short for poorly managed service offerings. Formbricks XM provides the data to make human-centric decisions at scale.

  • How does XM work on Formbricks? Essentially, through reduction and contextualisation. In an app-like format, we strip away everything you don't need to measure a specific experience. We also provide meaningful context in matching templates, reports and best practices.

So far, we have spent most of our time and energy building out the open source survey platform which powers the above. Stick around to see how Formbricks XM Apps will empower everyone to think and work human-centric.

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