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How Formbricks works

Formbricks has two sides: The end-user facing surveys and the analysis dashboards.

End-user facing surveys

The surveys are also split up in two elements: The content and the wrapper.

While you will be able to freely design your surveys later on, we start with Best Practices of managing user experiences.

Best Practices

Best Practices are more than mere survey templates. They are end-to-end productized methods for managing product. It’s designed like that to make product-led growth easier.


Wrappers are different ways to put surveys in front of your users: In-app pop-ups, inline surveys, email surveys, standalone surveys with a link to share, etc.

Analysis Dashboards

The dashboards are specifically designed for each Best Practice. Instead of a generic visualisation of aggregated data we focus on enabling acting on insights. A few examples:

Feedback Box dashboard: Built for a quick and individualized reaction on Feedback

Product-Market Fit dashboard: Designed to build conviction for upcoming product decisions.

Interview Prompt dashboard: Designed to schedule and manage 1:1 interviews with users

… you get the idea. Let’s have a closer look! |

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