In-App Surveys

User Identification

User Identification helps you to not only segment your users but also to see more information about the user who responded to a survey. This helps you to target surveys to specific user segments and see more information about the user who responded to a survey.

Understanding Identified vs Unidentified Users

In Formbricks, understanding the distinction between identified and unidentified users is crucial for effective survey segmentation and targeted feedback collection.

FeatureUnidentified UsersIdentified Users
Show surveys based on trigger actions
Set recontact details to avoid survey fatique
Target a subset of users using attributes & segments
Collect user information in Formbricks
Track custom attributes
Counts towards your monthly tacked user (MTU) limit
Recommended for public-facing websites
Recommended for web apps after login

Unidentified Users

Unidentified users are those without a specific userId set. Surveys can still be presented to these users based on trigger actions, but without the granularity of user-specific targeting.

This method is recommended for public-facing websites where users are not required to log in.

Initialization without a user ID

  environmentId: "<environment-id>",
  apiHost: "<api-host>",

Identified Users

Identified users are those for whom specific information has been set, notably the userId. This identification allows for more precise targeting of surveys and a deeper understanding of the feedback provided. When enabled, all information specified by you and all actions are sent to Formbricks.

This method is recommended for applications where users are required to log in and will often return.

Setting the User ID: To identify a user, set the userId in the Formbricks initialization call. The userId should be a unique string, such as a database ID or an email address. This is essential for the user to be visible on the Formbricks dashboard.

Initialization with a user ID

  environmentId: "<environment-id>",
  apiHost: "<api-host>",
  userId: "<user_id>",

Logging Out Users: When a user logs out of your application, ensure they are also logged out of Formbricks. This prevents the association of their activities with the wrong user profile.

Logging out User


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