The slack integration allows you to automatically send responses to a Slack channel of your choice.

Formbricks Cloud

  1. Go to the Integrations tab in your Formbricks Cloud dashboard and click on the "Connect" button under Slack integration.
Formbricks Integrations Tab
  1. Now click on the "Connect with Slack" button to authenticate yourself with Slack.
Connect Formbricks with your Slack Workspace
  1. You will now be taken to the Slack OAuth page where you can select the Slack channel you want to link with Formbricks and click on the "Allow" button.
Slack OAuth Page
  1. Once you have selected the account and completed the authentication process, you will be taken back to Formbricks Cloud and see the connected status as below:
Formbricks is now connected with Slack
  1. Now click on the "Link channel" button to link a Slack channel with Formbricks and a modal will open up.
Link Formbricks with a Slack Channel
  1. Select the channel you want to link with Formbricks and the Survey. On doing so, you will be asked to select the questions' responses you want to feed in the Slack channel. Select the questions and click on the "Link Channel" button.
Select question to link with Slack Channel
  1. On submitting, the modal will close and you will see the linked Slack channel in the list of linked Slack channels.
List of linked Slack Channels

Congratulations! You have successfully linked a Slack channel with Formbricks. Now whenever a response is submitted for the linked survey, it will be automatically sent to the linked Slack channel.

Setup in self-hosted Formbricks

Enabling the Slack Integration in a self-hosted environment requires a setup using slack workspace account and changing the environment variables of your Formbricks instance.

  1. Create a Slack workspace if you don't have one already.

  2. Go to the Your apps page and Create New App.

  3. Click on From Scratch and provide the App Name and select your workspace in Pick a workspace to develop your app in: dropdown. Click on Create App.

  4. Go to the OAuth & Permissions tab on the sidebar and add the following Bot Token Scopes:

    • channels:read
    • chat:write
    • chat:write.public
    • chat:write.customize
  5. Add the Redirect URLs under OAuth & Permissions tab. You can add the following URLs:

    • If you are running formbricks locally, you can enter https://localhost:3000/api/v1/integrations/slack/callback.
    • Or, you can enter https://<your-public-facing-url>/api/v1/integrations/slack/callback
  6. Now, click on Install to Workspace and Allow the permissions.

  7. Go to the Basic Information tab on the sidebar and copy the Client ID and Client Secret. Copy them and set them as the environment variables in your Formbricks instance as:

  • SLACK_CLIENT_ID - OAuth Client ID
  • SLACK_CLIENT_SECRET - OAuth Client Secret
  1. Now, you need to enable the public distribution of your app. Go to the Basic Information tab and click on the Manage distribution button and click on the "Distribute App".
  2. Scroll down to the Share your app with other workspaces section, complete the checklist and click on the Activate public distribution button.

By now, your environment variables should include the below ones:


Voila! You have successfully enabled the Slack integration in your self-hosted Formbricks instance. Now you can follow the steps mentioned in the Formbricks Cloud section to link a Slack workspace with Formbricks.

Remove Integration with Slack Workspace

To remove the integration with Slack Workspace,

  1. Visit the Integrations tab in your Formbricks Cloud dashboard.
  2. Select "Manage" button in the Slack card.
  3. Click on the "Delete Integration" button.
  4. It will now ask for a confirmation to remove the integration. Click on the "Delete" button to remove the integration. You can always come back and connect again with the same Slack Workspace.
Delete Slack Integration with Formbricks

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