n8n Setup

n8n allows you to build flexible workflows focused on deep data integration. And with sharable templates and a user-friendly UI, the less technical people on your team can collaborate on them too. Unlike other tools, complexity is not a limitation. So you can build whatever you want — without stressing over budget. Hook up Formbricks with n8n and you can send your data to 350+ other apps. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Setup your survey incl. questionId for every question

When setting up the node your life will be easier when you change the questionIds of your survey questions. You can only do so before you publish your survey.

Update Question ID

In every question card in the Advanced Settings you find the Question ID field. Update it so that you'll recognize the response tied to this question.

Step 2: Setup your n8n workflow

Go to and create a new workflow. Search for “Formbricks” to get started:

Add Formbricks Trigger

Step 3: Connect Formbricks with n8n

Now, you have to connect n8n with Formbricks via an API Key:

Create new credential button

Click on Create New Credentail button to add your host and API Key

Add host and api key

Now you need an API key. Please refer to the API Key Setup page to learn how to create one.

Once you copied it in the API Key field, hit Save button to test the connection and save the credentials.

Successful Connection

Step 4: Select Event

Next, you can choose the event you want to trigger the node on. You can select multiple events:

Select Event

Here, we are adding Response Finished as an event, which will trigger when the survey has been filled out.

Step 5: Select Survey

Next, you can choose from all the surveys you have created in this environment. You can select multiple surveys:

Select Survey

Here, we are selecting two surveys.

Selected Surveys

Step 6: Test your trigger

In order to set up n8n you'll need a test response in the selected survey. This allows you to select the individual values of each response in your workflow. If you have Formbricks running locally and you want to set up an an app or a website survey, you can use our Demo App to trigger a survey and submit a response.

Submit Test Response

Next, click on Listen for event button.

Listen for event

Then, go to the survey which you selected. Fill it out, and wait for the particular event to trigger (in this case it's Response Finished). Once the event is triggered you will see the response that you filled out in the survey.

Test Response Success

Now you have all the data you need at hand. The next steps depend on what you want to do with it. In this tutorial, we will send submissions to a discord channel:

Step 7: Add discord to your workflow

Click on the plus and search Discord.

Add Discord

Fill in the Webhook URL and the Content that you want to receive in the respective discord channel. Next, click on Execute Node button to test the node.

Fill Discord Details

Once the execution is successful, you'll receive the content in the discord channel.

Discord Response

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