Here you'll find help with frequently recurring problems

"The app doesn't work after doing a prisma migration"

This can happen but fear not, the fix is easy: Delete the application storage of your browser and reload the page. This will force the app to re-fetch the data from the server:

Demo App Preview

"I ran 'pnpm i' but there seems to be an error with the packages"

If nothing helps, run pnpm clean and then pnpm i again. This solves a lot.

"I get a full-screen error with cryptic strings"

This usually happens when the Formbricks Widget wasn't correctly or completely built.

Build js library first and then run again

pnpm build --filter=js

// Run the app again
pnpm dev

My machine struggles with the repository

Since we're working with a monorepo structure, the repository can get quite big. If you're having trouble working with the repository, try the following:

Only run the required project

pnpm dev --filter=web...

However, in our experience it's better to run pnpm dev than having two terminals open (one with the Formbricks app and one with the demo).

Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: Unexpected token !DOCTYPE ... is not valid JSON

Uncaught promise

This happens when you're using the Demo App and delete the Person within the Formbricks app which the widget is currently connected with. We're fixing it, but you can also just logout your test person and reload the page to get rid of it.

Logout Person

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