Contribution Guide

We are so happy that you are interested in contributing to Formbricks 🤗

There are many ways to contribute to Formbricks with writing Issues, fixing bugs, building new features or updating the docs.


Spotted a bug? Has deployment gone wrong? Do you have user feedback? Raise an issue for the fastest response.

... or pick up and fix an issue if you want to do a Pull Request.

Feature requests

Raise an issue for these and tag it as an Enhancement. We love every idea. Please give us as much context on the why as possible.

Creating a PR

Please fork the repository, make your changes and create a new pull request if you want to make an update.

If you want to speak to us before doing lots of work, please join our Discord server and tell us what you would like to work on - we're very responsive and friendly!

For QA of your Pull-Request, you can also get in touch with Matti on Discord. But we will also get to your PR without you taking additional action ;-)


We are currently working on having a clear Roadmap for the next steps ahead.

But you can also pick a feature that is not already on the roadmap if you think it creates a positive impact for Formbricks.

If you are at all unsure, just raise it as an enhancement issue first and tell us that you like to work on it, and we'll very quickly respond.

Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

To be able to keep working on Formbricks over the coming years, we need to collect a CLA from all relevant contributors.

Once you open a PR, you will get a message from the CLA bot to fill out the form. Please note that we can only get your contribution merged when we have a CLA signed by you.

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