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Product-Market Fit Survey


Measuring and understanding your PMF is essential to build a large, successful business. It helps you understand what users like, what they’re missing and what to build next. This survey is perfectly suited to measure PMF like Superhuman.

Formbricks Approach

  • Pre-segment users to only survey users who have experienced your products value
  • Never ask twice, keep your data clean
  • Run on autopilot: Set up once, keep surveying users continuously


To display the Product-Market Fit survey in your app you want to proceed as follows:

  1. Create new Product-Market Fit survey at
  2. Setup pre-segmentation to assure high data quality
  3. Setup the user action to display survey at good point in time

1. Create new PMF survey

If you don't have an account yet, create one at

Click on "Create Survey" and choose one of the PMF survey templates. The first one is rather short, the latter builds on the "Product-Market Fit Engine" developed by Superhuman:

Create survey by template

2. Update questions (if you like)

You’re free to update the question and answer options. However, based on our experience, we suggest giving the provided template a go 😊 Here is a very detailed description of what to do with the data you’re collecting.

Change text content

Want to change the button color? You can do so in the product settings!

Save, and move over to where the magic happens: The “Audience” tab.

3. Pre-segment your audience (coming soon)

To run this survey properly, you should pre-segment your user base. As touched upon earlier: if you ask every user you’ll get lots of opinions which are often misleading. You only want to gather feedback from people who invested the time to get to know and use your product:

Filter by attribute: You can keep the logic to decide if a user has (or has not) experienced value in your application. This makes most sense if you want to use historic usage data to decide if a user qualifies or not. Create your logic and if it applies, send an attribute to Formbricks by e.g. formbricks.setAttribute("Loyalty", "Experienced Value"); Here is the full manual on how to set attributes.

Filter by actions (coming soon): Later, you can also segment users based on events tracked with Formbricks. However, this makes it impossible to use historic usage data (pre Formbricks usage). Here we will have a few options to achieve that:

  • Check the time passed since sign-up (e.g. signed up 4 weeks ago)
  • User has performed a specific action a certain number of times or (e.g. created 5 reports)
  • User has performed a combination of actions (e.g. created a report and invited a team member)

This way you make sure that you separate potentially misleading opinions from valuable insights.

4. Set up a trigger for the Product-Market Fit survey:

You need a trigger to display the survey but in this case, the filtering does all the work. It’s up to you to decide to display the survey after the user viewed a specific subpage (pageURL) or after clicking an element. Have a look at the Actions manual if you are not sure how to set them up:

Add CSS actionAdd inner text action

5. Select Action in the “When to ask” card

Select PMF trigger button action

6. Last step: Set Recontact Options correctly

Lastly, scroll down to “Recontact Options”. Here you have to choose the correct settings to make sure your data remains of high quality. You want to make sure that this survey is only responded to once per user. It is up to you to decide if you want to display it several times until the user responds:

Set recontact options

7. Congrats! You’re ready to publish your survey 💃

Publish survey

Get those insights!

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