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Improve Email Content

Email remains the predominant way to communicate with your customers. Measure the effectiveness to improve your offering.


Measuring the content quality of both transactional and marketing email is a key element for improving customer communication.

Formbricks Approach

  • Embed the survey into your email so it’s part of the newsletter.
  • Use link prefilling to store the answer users clicked on in the email.
  • Dynamic user identification to append reader's email for personalized profiles and follow ups.


To embed the newsletter survey into your email, follow these steps:

  1. Create new 'Improve Newsletter Content' survey at
  2. Select how you where you want to display the survey.
  3. Copy the embed code anywhere you want in your newsletter.

1. Create new 'Improve Newsletter Content' Survey

If you don't have an account yet, create one at

Then, create a new survey and look for the "Improve Newsletter Content" template:

Create Improve Newsletter Content by template

2. Customize Survey questions

Customize survey questions, emojis or stars however you like:

Edit Improve Newsletter Content template

3. Configure Survey Settings

When you are done customizing your survey questions, navigate to the Settings tab and choose the type of survey you want. You need to choose Link Survey:

Choose survey type

4. Choose how you want to embed your survey

After publishing your survey, a modal that prompts you to embed your survey will pop up.

Embed newsletter survey

Select the Embed Survey card and you will be directed to another modal, where the first embed option displayed will be to embed the survey in an email.

5. Copy code to embed the survey in your newsletter

Click the button with the “View Embed Code” text at the top right corner of the modal and simply paste the HTML code for your survey anywhere you want it in your newsletter. You can see the preview in the below image:

Embed survey code

And you're done! Send a test email to yourself and try it out 🤓

Learn about data prefilling


That’s it! 🎉

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