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Feature Chaser

Following up on specific features only makes sense with very targeted surveys. Formbricks is built for that.


Product analytics never tell you why a feature is used - and why not. Following up on specific features with highly relevant questions is a great way to gather feedback and improve your product.

Formbricks Approach

  • Trigger survey at exactly the right point in the user journey
  • Never ask twice, keep your data clean
  • Prevent survey fatigue with global waiting period


To run the Feature Chaser survey in your app you want to proceed as follows:

  1. Create new Feature Chaser survey at
  2. Setup a user action to display survey at the right point in time

1. Create new Feature Chaser

If you don't have an account yet, create one at

Click on "Create Survey" and choose the template “Feature Chaser”:

Create survey by template

2. Update questions

The questions you want to ask are dependent on your feature and can be very specific. In the template, we suggest a high-level check on how easy it was for the user to achieve their goal. We also add an opportunity to provide context:

Change text content

Save, and move over to where the magic happens: The “Audience” tab.

3. Set up a trigger for the Feature Chaser survey:

Before setting the right trigger, you need to identify a user action in your app which signals, that they have just used the feature you want to understand better. In most cases, it is clicking a specific button in your product.

You can create Code Actions and No Code Actions to follow users through your app. In this example, we will create a No Code Action.

There are two ways to track a button:

  1. Trigger by Inner Text: You might have a button with a unique text at the end of your feature e.g. "Export Report". You can setup a user Action with the according Inner Text to trigger the survey, like so:
Set the trigger by inner Text
  1. Trigger by CSS Selector: In case you have more than one button saying “Export Report” in your app and only want to display the survey when one of them is clicked, you want to be more specific. The best way to do that is to give this button the HTML id=“export-report-featurename” and set your user action up like so:
Set the trigger by CSS Selector

Please follow our Actions manual for an in-depth description of how Actions work.

4. Select Action in the “When to ask” card

Select PMF trigger button action

5. Last step: Set Recontact Options correctly

Lastly, scroll down to “Recontact Options”. Here you have full freedom to decide who you want to ask. Generally, you only want to ask every user once and prevent survey fatigue. It's up to you to decide if you want to ask again, when the user did not yet reply:

Set recontact options

7. Congrats! You’re ready to publish your survey 💃

Publish survey

Get those insights! 🎉

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