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Custom Survey

Visual Form Builder in progress

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Build custom forms without the backend: Use Formbricks to gather and analyze form submissions. Pipe the data where you need it.

Formbricks Approach

  • Custom forms allow 100% customizability (duh!)
  • Use Formbricks backend as endpoint
  • Use Formbricks Data Pipelines to forward data where you need it.

Creating and updating a submission via our API

Create your frontend the way you want it and send the data to our API. For this we provide two endpoints, one for creating a new submission and one for updating an existing submission.

You can send all the data at once to our endpoint to create a submission or if you want to build a multipage survey you can send the data for each page separately. Then you use the first API call to create a new submission and the second API call to update the submission with the data from the next page.

Please refer to Create Submission and Update Submission for more information.

API docs

To fetch data from the API (e.g. submissions or forms) your need an API key. Please refer to our API documentation.

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