API Overview

Formbricks offers two types of APIs: the Public Client API and the Management API. Each API serves a different purpose, has different authentication requirements, and provides access to different data and settings.

Checkout the API Key Setup - to generate, store, or delete API Keys.

Public Client API

The Public Client API is designed for the JavaScript SDK and does not require authentication. It's primarily used for creating persons, sessions, and responses within the Formbricks platform. This API is ideal for client-side interactions, as it doesn't expose sensitive information.

Management API

The Management API provides access to all data and settings that are visible in the Formbricks App. This API requires a personal API Key for authentication, which can be generated in the Settings section of the Formbricks App. With the Management API, you can manage your Formbricks account programmatically, accessing and modifying data and settings as needed.

Auth: Personal API Key

API requests made to the Management API are authorized using a personal API key. This key grants the same rights and access as if you were logged in at formbricks.com. It's essential to keep your API key secure and not share it with others.

To generate, store, or delete an API key, follow the instructions provided on the following page API Key.

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