No-Code Actions

No-Code actions can be set up within Formbricks with just a few clicks. There are three types of No-Code actions:

Page URL Action

The page URL action is triggered, when a user visits a specific page in your application. There are several match conditions:

  • exactMatch: The URL should exactly match the provided string.
  • contains: The URL should contain the specified string as a substring.
  • startsWith: The URL should start with the specified string.
  • endsWith: The URL should end with the specified string.
  • notMatch: The URL should not match the specified condition.
  • notContains: The URL should not contain the specified string as a substring.

innerText Action

The innerText action checks if the innerText of a clicked HTML element matches a specific text, e.g. the label of a button. Display a survey on any button click!

CSS Selector Action

The CSS Selector action checks if the provided CSS selector matches the selector of a clicked HTML element. The CSS selector can be a class, id or any other CSS selector within your website. Display a survey on any element click!

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