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The best open source Typeform alternative 2024: Formbricks vs. OhMyForm

OhMyForm always pops up when you’re looking for open source forms - it seems like it is the best we have got in terms of open source online form builders. But how good is it? Let’s find out 👇

OhMyForm Open source Typeform alternative

How good is OhMyForm, the open source Typeform alternative?

To answer the question of how good OhMyForm actually is, we tested it extensively. When you get it to run, it does a few things well. Here is an overview of what we liked and what we missed:

Actively developed
Multi-Language Support
Modern UI🟨
11 possible question types🟨
Editable start / end pages🟨
Export SubmissionsXLS, JSON & CSVXLS, CSV
Drop-Off Analyzer
Embeddable Forms
Forms API🟨
Customizable Notifications🟨
Web Hooks
Modern Tech Stack🟨
3rd party integrations
Email Responder⚙️
Conditional Logic
Last Feature shippedAug 2020Daily Updates 🔥

Hobby project

OhMyForm is a hobby project and we are thankful for the team to develop and open source it 🤍 We in no way want to dunk on OhMyForm.

Let’s go into details on a few of these points:

❌ Docker not working & support not replying

Getting OhMyForm up and running ended up to be a lot more time-consuming than expected. DockerHub should make it really easy but it doesn’t work. Apart from that, the lack of documentation makes it quite tedious for beginners. The Quick Start Guide is very basic and does not give any hints on how to troubleshoot if the installation doesn’t work.

Since I ran into issues on both ways to get a local instance up and running, I reached out in the OhMyForm Discord and asked for help, without a response.

✅ Multi-language support works quite well

It’s quite easy to internationalize your OhMyForm forms.

❌ No Documentation

Writing docs isn’t too much fun. However, working with a tool that doesn’t have any kind of documentation isn’t fun either :) No matter what I would like to achieve, I have to find out myself how it works. This is quite inefficient for devs of any proficiency.

✅ Quite complete set of question types

OhMyForm packs quite a nice set of question types. It’s not complete but for most use cases it should suffice.

❌ Inactive repository

In 2022 a few bugs have been fixed, but no feature has been built in the past two years. It’s unclear if the team will pick up the project at some point. Currently, it feels quite abandoned with incorrect and incomplete information on the website and the inactive Discord community.

Overall Result

OhMyForm is an ok starting point for hosting your own forms. If the Typeform-esque survey is what you are looking for, it might be a good foundation to start with.

On the flipside, the lack of documentation and community activity makes it quite difficult to work with. The last feature has been shipped over 2 years ago, which doesn’t make OhMyForm a future-proof option.

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