Weekly Summary - 25th Nov 2022

This week we shipped Formbricks React v0.1 and v0.2, wrote lots of docs, talked about a feedback app built on top of snoopForms and prepped for the upcoming YC interview! 🤸

Weekly Update


  • shipped Formbricks React 🚢
  • met devs who built a feedback solution with snoopForms 🦝
  • got invited to YC interview 🍊

Let's dive in!


Launched Formbricks React Library 🥳

We launched v0.1 and v0.2 of the Formbricks React Library.

  • Why? Make it as easy as possible to build forms in React
  • How? Offering all essential form functionality out of the box
  • What? Lots of input components, validation, easy styling, easy multi-step forms, i18n, a11y and everything else you need when building forms in React.

Have a look at this example:

import { Form, Text, Email, Checkbox, Submit } from "@formbricks/react";
import "@formbricks/react/styles.css";

export default function WaitlistForm() {
  return (
    <Form onSubmit={({ data, schema }) => console.log("data:", data, "schema:", schema)}>
      <Text name="name" label="What's your name?" validation="required" />
        label="What's your email address?"
        label="Terms & Conditions"
        help="To use our service, please accept."
      <Submit label="Let's go!" />

A lot more information in the Docs, check them out!

What's next for Formbricks React?

In the upcoming week we're not planning to add more features to it. We'll first ship a version of the Formbricks HQ to offer an end-to-end solution from form creation to submission handling to analysis 👇

Formbricks HQ Demo

With the YC interview coming up next week, we decided to build an end-to-end demo. We're not focussing on production readiness for now. Expect to get your fingers on it the week after!

Feedback tool for the State of Geneva, Switzerland

We were delighted to find out that a digital agency built a POC for a feedback functionality in an e-learning offer from the state of Geneva, Switzerland.

In the call we learned a lot about why they chose snoopForms (privacy-first), how their developer experience has been (pretty good) and what they need in the future.

They are working on a more comprehensive offer for forms & surveys for the Swiss market built on top of Formbricks!

So exciting for us to see that our product and positioning resonates so well 😊

SCreenshot from feedback tool built with snoopforms


Shoutout to octalpixel and Akshu from the EddieHub community for sharing feedback on the React Library. Highly appreciated 🙏


We chose Listmonk as our Newsletter tool as it is a promising open-source option. So far the setup has been pretty good!

You can sign up to our "Build in Public" list at the bottom of this article to not miss a single one of them 😉

YC Interview

We got invited! This is obviously very exciting so we spent some time getting our answers crisp. We're talking some alumns to learn from their experience 🤞

Have a great weekend!

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