Weekly Summary - 16th Dec 2022

Happy Friday! Another week is over, another YC interview done 😄 We decided to niche down, found two design partners and with them secured the first MRR. What happened exactly?

Weekly Update


  • Niching down: Building Feedback Box first
  • $100 MRR for collaboration with two SaaS companies 🎉
  • Second YC Interview

Niching down: The Feedback Box

Next week we’ll release a longer article on our journey from “Typeform OS” to “Modular Form & Survey Infrastructure” to “Survey needs of SaaS companies”. For now, let’s have a look at the mock-up of the Feedback Box we are building:

Feedback Box Mock Up

First two customers acquired, first MRR 🎉

We acquired two SaaS companies as customers with a set of different survey needs. The overall objective is to open up and maintain a continuous channel to learn from users. Both are in need of a conversion-optimized Feedback widget they can self-host. Here were the requirements and how we address themthem:

  • Very little dev attention needed for setup and maintenance

    → One snippet to embed

  • Gives respondents the feeling that they are listened to and the feedback is acted upon

    → Founder / Head of Product as recipient

  • Makes users reply in a polite way

    → Highlighting that there are people on the other end

  • Have users share positive feedback to be used as testimonial (and increase team morale)

    → “I like something” option

  • Easy to act upon

    → One click to email back with template, later integration with Linear / GitHub issues

Feedback Box Mock Up 2

2nd YC Interview

On Tuesday night we had our second YC interview. This time, we didn’t prepare too much and it went similar to the last one: It was a friendly chat about what we are building and why.

We haven’t yet heared back from them, you’ll hear about the decision in the next Weekly 😃

Until then, enjoy your weekend!

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