Weekly Summary - 13th Jan 2023

The year kicked off and with it, we’re picking up momentum again. Our niche of B2B SaaS looks promising, we see first signs of validation. Let’s have a closer look 👇

Weekly Update


  • Feedback Box in production 😍
  • Slack Notification Pipeline 🚀
  • More founder conversations, problem validation progressing
  • Roadmap set for next few weeks

Feedback Box in production

Yesterday, crowd.dev merged our PR and put the first ever Formbricks feedback box live! It's really cool to see it out in the wild 🐅

Feedback Box on crowd.dev

Go check it out at crowd.dev - signing up is a good idea anyways 😉

We opened a PR in another repo today and have several more conversations going. It’s great working with other open source companies because we can implement the tech ourselves and learn what’s working.

We plan to release a self-serve version of the Box in the coming weeks. Right now our approach remains the “Stripe installation” to keep learning fast.

The Stripe Installation

Infamously, the Collison brothers took the laptops of their fellow YC founders and installed Stripe manually. This allowed them to get it live fast and experience the short-comings of Stripe's developer experience first-hand.

Slack Notification Pipeline

Pipe Feedback into the Slack channels of your choice

We want to make the feedback collected via the widget as easily accessible as possible.

On request from crowd.dev, we added a new Pipeline to the Formbricks HQ: Now you can receive a notification for new feedback submissions directly into Slack workspaces.

It's a best practice to react on user feedback as quickly as possible. Piping it into Slack is an easy way to notify the team about incoming feedback.

More founder conversations, problem getting sharper

We talked to more founders and learned quite a bit about the current approaches for gathering qualitative user feedback. It is a mostly manual process which is often completely decoupled from the in-app experience.

We’re building more and more conviction that the product we have in mind will add significant value in several stages of building a SaaS product. It’s cool to see that niching down to one target group and their problems allows us to go deep. This wasn’t possible while building general form infrastructure.

What’s remarkable is that pretty much every founder we talk to ran the Superhuman PMF survey. The tooling and reliabilty of results differ quite a bit. In all cases, it’s a manual, error-prone and time-consuming process 👀

Roadmap set for next weeks

Now that we both live in the same city, it’s easier to align. With traction building up and an eye towards raising a pre-seed, we walked backwards from where we would like to be with the product to keep the fundraising process short.

Next up is updating our public communitcation and building the PMF survey with our design partners while dogfooding our product. Stay tuned!

Enjoy your weekends!

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