React Form Library launched! 🚀 [Updated]

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Why a React Library?

We have built form and survey solutions for companies in different stages. Even though forms have been around for a long while, we kept finding ourselves writing custom code for basic functionality over and over again. Formbricks React will provide all form functionality out of the box and speed up writing forms and surveys in React significantly.

How is the developer experience better?

We want to make forms in React more accessible. To achieve that, we work with:

  • Component-based approach: Import HTML and non-HTML questions types with one line of code
  • Props: Specify every aspect of each form field like name, label, placeholder and validation with props in each component
  • Styling: Give your form a native look & feel in minutes. We natively support Tailwind and regular CSS style sheets.
Robin Hood Meme

What does it come with? [Updated]

In version 0.1 we layed the foundation for performant, easy to build forms. The library includes:

  • Text Input
  • Textarea Input
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Phone Input
  • Email Input
  • URL Input
  • Password Input
  • Search Input
  • Submit Button with Icons

And additional features like

  • Validation & Error Messages
  • Tailwind Support
  • Standard CSS Support
Robin Hood Meme

Whats on the roadmap?

  • Common non-HTML question types (Slider, star-rating, NPS, toggle, etc.)
  • Easy multi-step forms
  • Easy form logic
  • Easy internationalization (i18n)
  • Accessibility out of the box (a11y)

Suggest a feature

We run open source and community-centered. If you’d like a specific feature, just ask for it in our Discord :)


You’ll find a lot more information in the Docs.

What are you waiting for?

Try it right now!

Dive right in or browse docs for examples. Questions? Join our Discord, we’re happy to help

npm install @formbricks/react