Best HotJar Alternatives 2024 incl. Open Source

Get the best HotJar features with these 5 tools.
Olasunkanmi Balogun

Olasunkanmi Balogun

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December 29th, 2023

HotJar is a popular product experience insights platform that provides you with valuable data and insights into how users interact with your websites. It offers features such as heatmaps and recordings, surveys, and funnels to help you get these insights.

But while it’s a staple in user behavior analytics, this article introduces a wide range of alternatives just waiting to be discovered. These options are just for you, whether you're a budget-conscious blogger or an enterprise giant.

As we discuss these options, the next section will guide you through the essential criteria to consider when comparing them to HotJar. These criteria will empower you to pinpoint the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

How we compare HotJar alternatives πŸ‘‡

We'll categorize the criteria into three main factors to improve your choice.

  1. Feature depth
  • Surveys & Forms: Can you gather users’ voices through polls and surveys to understand your audience better?
  • Heatmaps & Recordings: Do you want basic click maps or detailed session replays with visitor insights?
  • Integrations: Does it work well with your existing third-party analytics tools?
  1. Pricing:
  • Freemium Plans
  • Premium Plans
  1. Privacy: Is it fully GDPR, CCPA, or HIPAA-compliant?
  2. Extensibility: How extensible and customizable are each of the tools?

Now, we will explore these options based on the factors mentioned above.

5 Free HotJar Alternatives in 2024

Let's have a look at the best HotJar alternatives in 2024, including open source options - all of which start free!

Formbricks - The Open Source HotJar Ask Alternative

Formbricks is a free and open source survey software for in app micro surveys. Ask any user segment at any point in the user journey.

Formbricks is an open source micro-survey solution designed to gather specific user feedback at the perfect moment in the journey. It allows you to create and deploy targeted surveys within your app or on public websites without disrupting the user experience.

It's super good at one thing: making your forms and survey experiences awesome. It shows you why people abandon your forms, which questions cause churn, and how to fix them to get more people to finish. No heatmaps or fancy recordings, just laser focus on surveys.

Formbricks compares to HotJar based on the aforementioned factors:

Feature depth:

  • Surveys & Forms: Formbricks specializes in in-product micro-surveys for SaaS and digital products. With Formbricks, you're better equipped to understand user behavior, improve your product, and make data-driven decisions. You can seamlessly integrate surveys into web, mobile, and desktop applications. If forms and surveys are your primary concern, this is the best tool for you.
  • Heatmaps & Recordings: Formbricks focuses on forms and surveys. No fancy website heatmaps here for now, but you get detailed insights into individual form fields and how users interact with them. If you’re looking for open source heatmaps, OpenReplay might be worth checking out.
  • Integrations: HotJar plays well with lots of other tools, while Formbricks is still young in this aspect. But it works with the most popular ones, like Zapier,, Airtable, Notion, Slack, etc. The Formbricks team and open source community are working on adding more all the time.

Pricing: Both tools have free plans, but HotJar's paid plans can get expensive. Formbricks is generally cheaper, especially if you only care about targeted surveys. Formbricks has a very generous free plan to get started easily. Paid plans begin at $30 per month for link surveys and $0.15 per submission for web and in-app surveys, after your survey submission exceeds 250 submissions. If you self-host Formbricks, it’s completely free.

Privacy: Formbricks Cloud is hosted in Germany and has full GDPR as well as CCPA compliance. Since Formbricks is easily self-hostable, keeping full control over your data is smooth.

Extensibility: Unlike HotJar, Formbricks is an open source solution. It provides APIs that allow you to build anything on top, below, and around it as per your customization needs - your imagination is the limit.

Let’s see how Formbricks compares side-by-side with HotJar.

Surveys & Forms🟒🟒
Heatmaps & RecordingsπŸ”΄πŸŸ’
Privacy and compliance🟒🟑

Smartlook - G2 Crowd Award Winner

Smartlook is a comprehensive product analytics and visual user insights tool designed to help businesses gain deep insights into user behavior on their websites or mobile applications.

Smartlook, which was recently acquired by Cisco, is a comprehensive product analytics and visual user insights tool designed to help businesses gain deep insights into user behavior on their websites or mobile applications. It offers a range of features that enable organizations to understand, analyze, and optimize the user experience.

Smartlook has also received numerous awards and recognition, including the G2 Crowd Awards for Top 100 Software Products and Best Products for Marketers, as well as being named on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe.

Below is an overview of how Smartlook compares with HotJar.


  • Surveys: Both platforms include survey features, but Smartlook does not offer standalone surveys, unlike HotJar. Instead, you can create surveys through its integration with Survicate (for a deeper look into Survicate, go here).
  • Heatmaps & Recordings: They both offer heatmap and recording features. Although Smartlook provides a more comprehensive insight into recordings by combining them with funnel analysis, this will help you pinpoint the exact recordings you need.
  • Integrations: Both platforms work well with many external tools. However, if you're a big enterprise seeking a broader selection of tools, HotJar is the better choice.

Pricing: Compared to HotJar, Smartlook is relatively more expensive. Its pro plan provides only 30 heatmaps a month and three months of storage. HotJar’s equivalent business plan offers unlimited heatmaps with 12 months of data storage.

Privacy and Compliance: Smartlook stores all data on EU servers. If you collect personal data with Smartlook, GDPR applies. Smartlook is also fully CCPA-compliant.

Extensibility: Smartlook, like HotJar, offers practical methods for programmatically accessing information on different resources. The API empowers you to analyze visitor data more comprehensively and delve deeper into the values captured by Smartlook. However, it may not offer the precise level of control and flexibility needed for intricate integrations or custom workflows.

Surveys & Forms🟑🟒🟒
Heatmaps & Recordings🟒🟒
Privacy and compliance🟒🟒

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a tool for web analytics and conversion optimization. It helps businesses understand how users behave on their websites.

Lucky Orange is a tool for web analytics and conversion optimization. It helps businesses understand how users behave on their websites. Its features include surveys, session recordings, live view, and conversion funnels. These features move beyond vanity metrics, aiming to uncover the reasons behind visitors' actions on your website.

Feature depth:

  • Surveys: Like HotJar, Lucky Orange offers survey features, but in a more limited fashion. You can choose from four survey types that suit your needs. They include multiple-choice, like-or-dislike, rating, and open-ended surveys. You can also customize how your survey is triggered based on your users’ location on your website and their devices, or if you want a delay before your survey is triggered.
  • Heatmaps & Recordings: Both Lucky Orange and HotJar offer session recordings; however, while this feature is on par with HotJar’s features like filtering, some users still report that the session viewer crashes when watching a desktop session on the mobile screen.
  • Integrations: Lucky Orange offers a smaller but growing selection of integrations compared to HotJar, focusing on essentials like Google Analytics, CMS platforms, and marketing automation tools.

Pricing: Lucky Orange offers pricing plans suitable for businesses of different sizes, including a 7-day free trial; as of the time of writing this article, they begin at $32 per month. Each of these plans is based on sessions but only has 60-day data storage, unlike Hojar, which provides data storage for 365 days.

Privacy & Compliance: Lucky Orange tools, like HotJar, are fully CCPA and GDPR-compliant. This means that it does not store sensitive information, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for user data.

Extensibility: Lucky Orange currently works with fewer outside tools than HotJar. This might be a drawback for large companies. However, they're planning to add support for a public API in the future. This means you'll be able to build on top of it.

FactorsLucky OrangeHotJar
Surveys & Forms🟒🟒
Heatmaps & Recordings🟑🟒🟒
Privacy and compliance🟒🟒


FullStory is a comprehensive user experience analytics platform that enables businesses to gain detailed insights into user interactions with their websites and applications.

FullStory is a comprehensive user experience analytics platform that enables businesses to gain detailed insights into user interactions with their websites and applications. Through features such as session recordings, dynamic heatmaps, and advanced analytics, FullStory provides a nuanced understanding of user behavior.

Let’s see how FullStory compares to HotJar in terms of the factors we mentioned earlier:


  • Surveys: Both FullStory and HotJar offer survey features, with FullStory utilizing integration with third-party tools like Survicate and SurveyMonkey for versatility and in-depth feedback.

FullStory wins here if you are looking for a versatile tool to integrate with other existing third-party survey tools. However, if you want an all-in-one solution, HotJar is your go-to solution.

  • Heatmaps & Recordings: FullStory's interactive heatmaps and detailed visuals help you better understand how users interact with your website, improving the analysis of page activities. This feature is similar to what HotJar offers.

However, a notable difference is that in FullStory, you can't save a session to watch later. So, if you find a recording interesting and want to see it again, you'll need to search for it manually when you want to revisit it.

  • Integrations: Like HotJar, FullStory integrates seamlessly with various third-party tools, enhancing its versatility and allowing users to integrate it into their existing tech stack.

Pricing: FullStory does not have a free plan, and the price for paid plans is available upon request from the sales team. Although their pricing page states that you get a 14-day free trial for their business plan.

Privacy & Compliance: You are in full control of what data FullStory captures and saves. FullStory is not just GDPR and CCPA-compliant but also holds a SOC 2 Type II attestation and a SOC 3 report.

Extensibility: FullStory also provides several APIs, like HotJar, including a Webhooks API that enables developers to build on top of its functionality and integrate it into their workflows. However, they might not provide the level of control and flexibility required for more complex integrations or custom workflows.

Here’s how FullStory and HotJar compare side by side:

Surveys & Forms🟒🟒
Heatmaps & Recordings🟒🟒
Privacy and compliance🟒🟒


Mouseflow is a web analytics tool designed to provide insights into user behavior on websites.

Mouseflow is a web analytics tool designed to provide insights into user behavior on websites. It offers features such as session recordings, heatmaps, surveys, and funnel analysis to help businesses optimize user experiences and conversions.

Feature depth

  • Surveys: Mouseflow provides you with a funnel-like analysis for in-depth form analytics, which is not available on HotJar. With Mouseflow, you can replay sessions from visitors who dropped out or succeeded in completing the form. It also helps you analyze how users interact with each of your form fields.
  • Heatmaps & Recordings: Mouseflow, like Hojar, provides heatmaps and session recordings to visualize user interactions and behaviors, aiding in the analysis of website engagement.

However, HotJar samples the data you collect daily. That is, you are allowed to review just a small fraction of the whole set of data you receive daily. For example, if you have 3000 recordings per month, you are allowed to record just 100 daily sessions on standard plans.

  • Integrations: Mouseflow, like HotJar, integrates with about 58 third-party tools, including other analytics, eCommerce, CMS, and marketing platforms in your stack.

Pricing: Mouseflow's pricing is tiered based on usage and additional features. It offers a range of plans to accommodate businesses of different sizes.

Its free plan comes with 500 recordings per month, unlimited page views, and a month of storage, all for one website. Paid plans begin at $31/month, however, if you are an enterprise, you can contact their sales team to create a customized plan.

Privacy & Compliance: Mouseflow is committed to data protection. It’s compliant with GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, and VCDPA.

Extensibility: Like HotJar, Mouseflow's API and Webhooks enable developers to build custom integrations, connecting them to virtually any platform or tool imaginable. However, they might not provide the level of control and flexibility required for more complex integrations or custom workflows.

Surveys & Forms🟒🟑🟒
Heatmaps & Recordings🟒🟑🟒
Privacy and compliance🟒🟒

So, which option is the better fit for you?

If you're seeking a comprehensive solution encompassing heatmaps, recordings, surveys, and a strong focus on privacy, MouseFlow emerges as a prime choice.

On the other hand, if your primary emphasis is on highly targeted surveys, Formbricks stands out as the optimal solution.

What's even more noteworthy is that it is the sole open-source solution for website surveys available. This translates to not just being completely free to use if you self-host, but also offering the freedom for modification due to its extensibility and the liberty to seamlessly integrate with your preferred tools.